Consumers and Business owners alike visit your website for one reason.

Whether you are selling a product or you provide a service, fundamentally each visitor is looking for one thing - A solution to a problem; and you have about 5 seconds to provide that.

In a highly digitised world where each one of us is becoming more and more desensitised to advertising material and demand instant gratification the information you provide and the ease in which you help a customer through their journey has never been more critical.

The majority of us, be it a start up or a family business trading for over 50 years become disillusioned with how to provide the answers a customer needs when they arrive at your website.

We can articulate what we want the customer to do, that seems obvious right? but when it comes to the confusion of the digital world we become bamboozled.

The majority of us by default (by no fault of our own) just adhering to human behavioural traits attempt to offer our visitors a regurgitated piece of content to “prove our worth” with something that goes a little like this.

“A proud family business, trading since 1975 - the company was proudly founded by John H Smith who armed with passion and a willingness to work hard, commenced producing Product X at our original site in the suburb of . . . . .

Although a lovely story, to speak frankly; people don’t give a shit.

The first question should be, when someone visits your website what is it you want them to do?

No Seriously.

So often intelligent people are spending significants amount of money on paid advertising campaigns to attract the right target audience, paying good money to agencies, employing a marketing person with all the best intentions to only confuse or lose a potential customer when they finally arrive at your website.

You have to make an impact and make it fast.

Are you after email addresses to build your data base? Do you want phone calls? Do you need a form completed to qualify the intent of a potential client or customer?

You must provide compelling content that resonates with a customer where there subconscious screams These guys get me, then make the communication or commencement of the sales funnel seamless.

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