Two of the most challenging things in life that any human being will face are our two biggest fears, change and commitment.

Whether we like it or not the world has evolved at a rate faster than ever.

Baby boomers have retired, Generation X are questioning what being elderly will look like, Generation Y are now both your customers and attempting to disrupt your industry and Generation Z will be your future prime minister.

The fact of the matter is that now 81% of customers’ buying process starts online.

If the yellow pages or letter box drops were as effective as they once were, we would be trying to sell you that.

If I can use an analogy that we can all relate to, the internet is kind of like real estate.

Imagine a constant battle of supply and demand that moves in circles faster than your bed sheets on a spin cycle.

Those with the largest budget can buy the most “land” and a comprehensive strategy of complete domination leaves smaller businesses in a race for even a participation certificate.

Don’t stop reading! As there is a silver lining and many of these confusing online variables that work In our favour!

Let’s be real, the entire internet is not your target audience! you don’t need 2 million visitors to your website and your not after 500 phone calls a day.

What you are after is maximising your advertising return on investment.

Let’s address the simple questions

  • Are your customers located in a specific geographic area?
  • Are they are certain age?
  • Do they fit the mould of a pre determined demographic?

The beauty of online as it has given us information (for those who can interpret it) that is far more sophisticated than ever before. Imagine placing a billboard where only your potential customers saw it, a newspaper ad solely dedicated to your market, a TV ad that was only visible to people who your product/service was designed for, and paying accordingly.

The simple message in this article is that by targeting all ad spend to those who fit your “ideal customer” only, placing ads on the right platform, producing outcomes that align with both your business goal and your customers needs, the effectiveness of your messaging will without doubt contribute to massively improving the way your company uses the online world to create a profitable marketing campaign.

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