Like in the case of many things we touch on, it’s time to unravel all the stuff you think you should be doing and start to devise a strategy that supports what it is your actually trying to achieve. If I was to ask you to draw a picture, or write a caption in 20 words or less that captures what it is your business does and what product or service your showcasing, what would you create? Almost everybody would answer that question with, “Hey that’s simple” and mock something up in seconds. The problematic situation we find ourselves in with this, is what may resonate and make sense to you, almost never will with your target audience.

Always know and have a deep understanding of the audience you are addressing!

What is the demographic of your target market, what kind of language do they use? what is their decision making process and typical buying habits?

To make sure we are even half way to making some killer content and artwork that our target audience gobbles up, we have to first identify a whole plethora of information.

  • What platform does the majority of your target audience spend most time on?
  • Does your product or service require video to explain or uncover something unique to your business?
  • Are you playing in a mature market that demands innovation in how you connect with your audience?
  • Do your customers act fast by taking immediate action or do they require research time?

The simple message is that no matter what you create it has to speak volumes to your target market and be completely aligned with what it is THEY NEED in order to be engaged and take action.

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